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The VisionFund International Board of Directors has been blessed beyond measure to oversee the work of our Network of 28 microfinance institutions around the globe. Every day our financial inclusion work paves the way for life in all its fullness for vulnerable families on the journey out of poverty.

Since our founding in 2003 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of World Vision, VisionFund has grown to be the world’s largest Christian network of microfinance institutions, serving over one million clients every year. Livelihoods and economic empowerment are our ministry, and we seek to see lives transformed by Jesus Christ as He works through our lives, deeds and signs to bring tools to those marginalised by traditional finance mechanisms.  

Our 7,400 staff work tirelessly to design and implement financial and livelihood solutions that ensure our most vulnerable clients have access to tools to build sustainable livelihoods out of poverty. From our field-based officers to our senior directors, all our staff are called to serve clients with care, compassion and commitment. 

Our grassroots and community-based approach to change allows us to know the people, the problems, and the potential of each community we serve. Wherever we go, our local staff and particularly our community officers know and understand the community’s needs, supporting our clients to make the right decisions for their businesses, but more importantly for their families and children. 

Through the tools of micro-credit, micro-insurance and micro-savings, we are continually innovating to ensure our products match the needs of our clients, whatever their situation. VisionFund is proud to have women make up 70% of our worldwide client base, and we take their specific needs into account in all that we do. When women are able to create their own incomes, their families are better cared for and we witness change in children’s well-being, both in childhood and throughout their lives.

With our Christian beliefs as our foundation, we are committed to securing futures for the world's most vulnerable children. VisionFund is ready to commit boldly to a future free from poverty.

Board of Directors

Senior Leadership Team

Christopher Laurent, Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Christopher Laurent

Chris Laurent is the Chief Financial Officer of VisionFund International, responsible for all financial operations of VisionFund's microfinance net

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Adrian Merryman, Chief Development Officer
Chief Development and Impact Investment Officer and Regional Head - Latin America (Interim)

Adrian Merryman

Adrian serves as VisionFund’s Chief Development Officer and on serves on the Board of VisionFund Myanmar.

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Launce Moses, Regional Head - Asia
Regional Head - Asia (Interim)

Launce Moses

Launce is based in Singapore and completed his Bachelors in Engineering and Masters in Business Administration degrees in India.

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Ljiljana Spasojevic, Regional Head - Africa
Regional Head - Africa

Ljiljana Spasojevic

Ljiljana Spasojevic became Regional Head of VFI Africa Region on 1 October 2018, having been WVI/VFI staff member since 1998.

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Toria Withams, Regional Head Middle & Eastern Europe
Regional Head - Eastern Europe

Toria Withams

Toria Withams is the Regional Head - MEER Region.

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Annelise Thornton
Global Director, People & Culture, and Governance

Annelise Thornton

Annelise is an experienced human resources executive with global experience.

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Stephen Lockley
Co-President & CEO (Interim)

Stephen Lockley

Stephen is the interim Co-President and CEO for VisionFund International and was appointed to his current role in February 2019, having been Chief

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Jean Baptiste Kamate
Co-President & CEO (Interim)

Jean Baptiste Kamate

Jean Baptiste is the interim Co-President and CEO for VisionFund International and is the Partnership Leader for Global Field Operations.

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Sally O'Neill
Chief Strategy, Impact & Services Officer

Sally O'Neill

Sally joined VisionFund International in June 2020 as the Chief Strategy, Impact & Services Officer.

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