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Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Is lending to refugees, emigrants, or asylum seekers a wise choice?
Edgar S. Martinez, President and CEO of VisionFund International, makes us think again about how we treat displaced people who turn up on our doorstep asking for help.
SG Moyo
Wednesday, June 16, 2021
Lending to refugees: How impossible becomes possible
Martina Crailsheim, Director for Saving Group Linkage at VisionFund International 
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Tuesday, June 1, 2021
83% is a powerful figure!
Written by Johanna Ryan, Global Director of Impact, VisionFund International
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VisionFund Thought Leaders


Adrian Merryman, Chief Development Officer
Chief Development and Impact Investment Officer

Adrian Merryman

Adrian serves as VisionFund’s Chief Development Officer and on serves on the Board of VisionFund Myanmar.

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Johanna Ryan, Global Director of Impact
Global Director of Impact

Johanna Ryan

Johanna is the Global Director of Impact.

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Richard Reynolds, Global Director Products Innovations and Partnership
Global Director Products Innovations and Partnership

Richard Reynolds

Richard is a long time VisionFund staff member who leads the products, innovation and partnership team.

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Karen Lewin, VisionFund Product Manager
Product Director

Karen Lewin

Karen Lewin is the Product Director for VisionFund International, based on Perth, Australia.

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Martina Crailsheim
Director – Saving Group Linkage

Martina Crailsheim

Martina Crailsheim works for VisionFund International as Director for Saving Group Linkage.

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Kaitlin McGarvey, VFI, Fundraising Manager
Fundraising Manager

Kaitlin McGarvey

Kaitlin serves as the VisionFund Fundraising Manger.

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