Dr. Jean Baptiste Kamate (JBK) in Mali
Thursday, March 24, 2022
I Saw Poverty for the First Time in the Desert
By Dr. Jean Baptiste Kamate, Chief Field Operations Officer for World Vision International and Board Member for VisionFund International
Wednesday, March 23, 2022
Loans to Improve Community Access to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)
Written by Kaitlin McGarvey, North America Fundraising Manager, VisionFund International
Mother and her daughters from Guatemala
Tuesday, March 22, 2022
Moving from Outreach to Impact
Written by Johanna Ryan, Global Director of Impact, VisionFund International
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VisionFund Thought Leaders


Johanna Ryan, Global Director of Impact
Global Director of Impact

Johanna Ryan

Johanna is the Global Director of Impact. Based in London, Johanna leads VisionFund's Impact team to keep clients at the centre of VisionFund's focus

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JBK portrait
World Vision International

Dr. Jean Baptiste Kamate (JBK)

Dr. Jean Baptiste is the Chief Field Operations Officer of World Vision International. In this role, he oversees World Vision’s field work in 76

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Karen Lewin, VisionFund Product Manager
Product Director

Karen Lewin

Karen Lewin is the Product Director for VisionFund International, based on Perth, Australia.

In this role she resources and guides VisionFund’s

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Edgar S. Martinez, VisionFund International President and CEO
President and Chief Executive Officer

Edgar S. Martinez

Edgar S. Martinez serves as VisionFund International’s President and CEO effective January 2021.  Edgar brings to VisionFund rich experience and broad

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Martina Crailsheim
Director – Saving Group Linkage

Martina Crailsheim

Martina Crailsheim works for VisionFund International as Director for Saving Group Linkage. Being with both World Vision and VisionFund since 2006

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Kaitlin McGarvey, VFI, Fundraising Manager
North America Fundraising Manager

Kaitlin McGarvey

Kaitlin serves as the North America Fundraising Manger for VisionFund International. 

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