Woman tailor while daughter helps in India

Sewing a New Future

The curvy elevated road led us to the extreme top of a mountain. As we climbed up, I could see the bigger hills I saw from the valley, getting smaller. The evening sun painted shades of orange on the hillsides. It was a small village in Nedumkandam cluster of VisionFund India (known as IMPACT) office in Kattappana, Kerala. Aparna Tailoring was one of only three shops that stood on that hilltop.

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New Delhi

Capital City

1.4 billion

Population, total

2.7 trillion

GDP (current US$)

VisionFund India, operating as IMPACT, is a Christian owner-operated mission-driven microfinance network working with caregivers in hard to reach, impoverished locations so they can create secure futures for their children. Inspired by Christian values, we are dedicated to working with the most vulnerable families and communities regardless of religion, race, ethnicity gender, to create lasting change in their lives.

VisionFund serves low income clients living in vulnerable and rural communities by offering financial and livelihood solutions, delivered through our Network, World Vision and partners; empowering families to create income and jobs; and unlocking economic potential for communities to thrive. The products and services offered fall into five broad categories: microloans, savings programmes, microinsurance, training and education. Benefits include sustainable livelihoods, increased economic well-being, improved community well-being, decreased dependence on outside aid and restoration of hope and dignity. 

Together with World Vision, we are focused on ending extreme poverty by 2030.