Petronella Chigara-Dhitima

Petronella Dhitima

Managing Director, Mustard Seed Advisory

Petronella is the Founder and Managing Director of Mustard Seed Advisory. She is a microfinance expert with over 26 years’ experience in more than 17 African countries and seven other developing countries in Asia and Latin America.

Prior to founding Mustard Seed Advisory, Petronella held several financial service and project management roles for ACCION and led its Africa Training Centre based in Ghana.

Petronella has been instrumental in spearheading microfinance banks’ green field operations in West Africa, and setting up microfinance divisions in two banks in Zimbabwe including setting up MicroKing (now MicroCred Zimbabwe). She held operational, managerial, and senior advisory positions at both retail and wholesale levels, in international institutions such as ACCION, International Labour Organization (ILO), and CARE. A team player, she is known for her ability to transfer her skills and knowledge to counterparts, colleagues, and subordinates in several varied cultural and organizational settings.

With over 20 years of training experience, Petronella is a senior faculty member of the Boulder Microfinance Training Program. She is an accredited Master Trainer for the ITC-ILO, CGAP, MicroSave and a certified assessor for The Smart Campaign.

Petronella holds a BBS (Honours) from the University of Zimbabwe and an MBA from the University of Liverpool, UK. She is a member of the Ministry Impact Committee.