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Maria & Oscar
To the north of Ecuador is Tufiño parish, known for its mountains, wide green meadows that are used for planting and irrigation ditches, and an extremely...
father and his daughter on their farm in Zambia
Beatrice, 11, and her family benefit from agriculture, one of the primary projects in Moyo Area Programme in Zambia. In 2014, her stepfather, Patrick Nzala...
Adama's Story
Adama Konate is a member of the Jigiya group in Mali. Adama used to be a blacksmith and is very experienced in the craft of hoes and carts. His monthly...
Reina's Story
Reina Rivera Alcántara is a coffee producer in Honduras, with five hectares of coffee and plans to obtain a production of 120 quintals of Café Oro. Reina...
Madam Salima DIADI learned through a friend that VisionFund grants credit; she had already taken out a loan so was familiar with the process. She joined a...