Fattening Cows For Sale

Adama's Story

Adama Konate is a member of the Jigiya group in Mali. Adama used to be a blacksmith and is very experienced in the craft of hoes and carts. His monthly income ranged from 1,000 to 2,000 francs per day. But he used the RMCR to develop cattle breeding activity.

Adama had been feeding his cattle for a long time but he took this opportunity to develop his fattening business. With the RMCR loan, he understood the techniques of fattening thanks to the training and advice given by the development agents.

Today, Adama buys cattle and sheep to fatten them up before selling them. The purchase of a cow costs between 200,000 and 250,000 CFA francs, after a few months it can sell for more than 450,000 CFA francs. After the sale, he can sometimes make profits ranging from CFAF 50,000 to CFAF 90,000 per cow.

The credit allowed a change in his family's living conditions, thanks to the unconditional services of the RMCR, he was able to realize his dream; And he greatly appreciated the services that the RMCR provides to the population through the fund and he still requests the support of the RMCR.

In his family, the RMCR loan has enabled him to meet today's critical needs such as: medical fees, tuition fees and home improvement.