Building a Livestock Business

Assitan Mali

Assitan Oulale is a 59-year-old Malian woman; she is married, grandmother of six grandchildren, and her husband is a farmer. She is not literate. She is a member of the Siguidolo community fund, the group was created in 2013. The group members' activity is sheep and goat breeding, the community fund is in its 10th cycle.

She has been involved in this breeding activity for more than a decade. Assitan buys sheep, rams and goats to fatten them up, then sells them at the surrounding weekly fairs, and often people come to buy them from her home.

After the sale she can earn about 25,000 to 30,000 CFA francs in profit for each sale per animal. The income from the loan allows Assitan to cover her family the costs (medical expenses, school fees and clothing for her children).

Other advantages obtained by Assitan are the systematization of savings with the RMCR, which has enabled her to guarantee the loan, which has strengthened her livestock farming. In addition to sheep and goat breeding, Assitan is currently developing groundnut and maize agriculture.

She states that she did not have any problems with the RMCR loan. Her dream for the future is to have a substantial loan to develop her livestock business and facilitate agriculture in order to sufficiently satisfy her needs and those of her family.