Scovia riding to clients

Scovia is committed to serving refugees

Having been born in a refugee settlement, Scovia didn't have grand expectations for her adult life, as even affording basic items was a struggle. Her parents constantly sacrificed everything, taking on various jobs to ensure she could receive a basic education, given that their home district in Uganda had been historically disadvantaged due to political factors.

Coming from a family of eight children, Scovia considered herself fortunate to have completed her diploma in accounting, which gave her a competitive edge in the job market compared to her peers who hadn't reached the same level of education.

Scovia's life took a turn when VisionFund Uganda decided to hire her to work within the refugee context. She was chosen for her diligent work ethic and academic abilities.

"I find serving refugees incredibly rewarding as it aligns with VisionFund Uganda's broader goal and strategic vision. Witnessing the transformation in my clients' lives due to the loans we provide is truly fulfilling," Scovia remarks.

As a Saving Group Linkage champion, Scovia subjects her groups to the mandatory embedded education empowering them to acquire crucial business practice skills like record keeping for sustainable business growth. She is greatly appreciative of VisionFund for making financial literacy training available for these underprivileged communities that are often not considered.

Scovia with a client
Scovia interacts with her client


In her current role, Scovia eagerly anticipates her promotion to Credit Supervisor, thanks to her selflessness and unwavering dedication to this cause. She will forever remain indebted to VisionFund Uganda for granting her the opportunity to serve the vulnerable.