Madam Salima DIADI learned through a friend that VisionFund grants credit; she had already taken out a loan so was familiar with the process. She joined a group of five other people getting loans, and she started with a loan of US $400 and her latest loan is for US $1,500. Thanks to the profits obtained from her financing and sales of her products she has been able to diversify her breeding of small livestock by adding fish farming in ponds and the sale of cattle feed.

Salima is married and has six children. The oldest of her children is 35 and the youngest is 14, all of her children are either in school or have graduated. She has been married more than 30 years with her spouse who is a pediatrician nurse in a health center.

Thanks to the funds she received, Ms. Salima Lucie participates pleasantly in the daily life of her house: feeding, studying of her children, water and electricity and she herself has seen her own health improve considerably. Her activities are growing. She has been able to diversify her activities and considerably increase the goods (fresh food). Thanks to these funds that she is able to offer three meals per day to her children and proper medical care when they falls ill.

He goal is to finish building her own house with her husband, open a pharmacy and a sewing workshop to teach young girls who has become mothers at an early age and possibly build a huge space for rabbit breeding.