Helping the Needy in Her Community


Thanks to the 11 financings she got, Annie Kanyiki has found her businesses selling various food products and household products growing. She has been able to support the studies of her older son who has a university degree and contribute to the costs of her other five children, two of whom are in their last term at the University and same case with the last born in high school.

This funding has also allowed Ms. Annie to actively participate in her church charity group that frequently visits prisoners and sick patients with a little sugar, milk and soap as strong spiritual element.

Annie was born in Bukavu on March 15th, 1972 in a big family of 18 children. She is married woman and the mother of six children - the oldest is 27 years old and her last born 7 years old.

It was with the benefits obtained after all her group loans that was able to buy the small piece of land where she now has her own shop at the Bandalungwa market. And with the same benefits that she has been able to participate pleasantly in the daily expenses of her home: paying the school and academic fees of her children, eating, clothing etc.