Selvi with her two child with the cows she purchase from her loan proceeds.

From Poverty to Better Days

Selvi has been living in Veppanthattai Taluk Perambalur district for the last 35 years. She has two children; the elder daughter is studying in 9th Std and the younger one in 5th Std. Her husband passed away in 2008 in an accident. She is currently the sole breadwinner for the family, and her main sources of income are from selling milk and farming.

After her husband died, Selvi was completely lost as the family faced many financial problems. Although her parents supported her as best they could, she had a difficult time taking care of household expenses, especially the children’s needs. Some financial needs were also met through her self-help group, where she is an active member. She later got a job in a nearby school to provide midday meals to children.

In 2010, along with other members of her group, Selvi took a first loan of Rs 20,000 to buy a cow in order to sell milk. She then took four more loans for various purposes including paddy cultivation, maize cultivation and purchasing another cow. Currently, she is in the fifth cycle of loan of Rs 40,000. With every loan amount received from VisionFund India, operating as IMPACT, she has been able to increase her household income and send the children to good schools.

Selvi says, “The IMPACT loan has been a constant support in the time of difficulty; it has fulfilled our family needs and also has helped in giving proper education to our children.”