Mrs. Rukkumani's in her store that she opened in her village.

Confidence Comes From Financial Success

Mrs. Rukkumani, aged 38, has been living in Melaviduthi village, Pudukkottai for the last 28 years. She has three daughters and one son. For her three daughters’ education and other daily expenses, she had to borrow money from moneylenders who charged high interest rates. Most of the time, her family life was dependent on financial support from friends and relatives.

VisionFund India started working in Mrs. Rukkumani’s village in 2015. Her self-help group showed interest in borrowing money from VisionFund India, and she was one of the beneficiaries of the loan. She took out a loan of Rs 15,000/- to start a provision store, as there were very few such shops in her village.

Mrs. Rukkumani paid the first loan on time and then she received her second cycle loan of Rs 25000/-, investing all the money to buy various things for her provision store. As the number of items in her shop increased, her income also increased.

With the extra income, she is now able to take care of the children’s education and her family's needs without much difficulty. Now, she doesn't need to depend on local moneylenders or relatives for her family financial requirements like her earlier life. Mrs. Rukkumani now feels that with her own income in hand, her confidence has increased along with her involvement in the decision making for her family

With the combination of her husband’s income and her own income, there is improvement in their quality of life. Mrs. Rukkmani says, “VisionFund India came to our village when I was going through a difficult financial condition, and with their timely loans our life has changed and now we plan to expand our business more and provide the best for the children’s future.”