family who owns sewing business in Guatemala

We Were Born at a Sewing Machine

Deep in the hillside of Comas, Peru is one of the most popular shoe companies in rural Peru. “Cuvss” shoes sell about 200+ shoes a day in the rural parts of Comas and Lima. This company was started by big dreams and hard work.

Matilda and Suni both grew up learning how to sew saying “we basically were born at a sewing machine.” When they met and got married, they knew they needed to follow this skill that they both had. Starting out with two sewing machines, a wood lean-to for a shop and some raw fabric, they stitched together their dream of owning a business. They both had experience repairing shoes and shoes seemed like a natural fit for both of them. 

They designed their first “Cuvss” shoe saying, “it was a lot of trial and error.” Soon business was growing, and they needed capital to purchase additional sewing machines, hire employees and get the fabric to start producing at a higher rate. 

That’s when they heard about VisionFund Peru. Four loans later, Matilda and Suni have 12 sewing machines and 20 employees. They plan to expand even more as their business continues to grow. Matilda and Suni have two young boys and want their kids to be involved in their business if they want. “We want our boys to follow their dreams as well, so if that is in this business that is great, but if it’s something else we will support them” says Matilda.