VisionFund India Client Impact Survey Report

VisionFund India Client Impact Survey Report - Sept 2023

VisionFund India, with its goal to reach 700,000 clients impacting the lives of 850,000 children among the low income, vulnerable and rural communities by 2030., Currently serving nearly 22,602 clients and impacting 23,508 children through its 12 branches across India.

VisionFund India maintains its commitment to improving the lives of children by intentionally targeting a broader reach across all areas of its operations. This intentional targeting revolves around extending loans to younger women with children, establishing branches in the Northern region of India where families have a higher number of children, offering incentives to staff members who successfully provide loans to families with children, and ensuring accurate reporting of the number of children served through the system.

VisionFund India conducted the first impact survey in September 2023 to understand how the loans impacted the lives of our clients, their children, and businesses. VisionFund India hired independent enumerators along with the associates from the HUB team, to conduct the survey. This report highlights the significant impact created by the loans and services provided to the clients that are mostly poor, vulnerable and from disadvantaged communities.