Angella and Isaac at their new constructed factory

We built a factory of dreams from loans

Angella and Isaac are not only an exemplary married couple but are also known entrepreneurs in the sunflower trade for oil and other products. The couple are engaged in several other businesses to raise income for their family.

When Angella, a mother of three, decided to venture into sunflower seed harvesting, she faced financial challenges. To finance the sourcing of sunflower oil seeds from outgrowing farmers, she obtained a loan of 5,000,000 UGX /$1342 USD from VisionFund Uganda.

This allowed her to purchase in bulk and sell at a significant markup. As the season progressed, she needed additional funds to stock more sunflowers for sale to bulk grain handling firms. She returned to VisionFund Uganda for another loan of 10,000,000 UGX/$2685 USD, which she is currently repaying.

With the proceeds from the seasonal trade, Angella and Isaac were able to construct a factory for sunflower cooking oil production, adding value to the seeds. The couple is also involved in commercial farming, cultivating seven acres of sunflower plants. The farm's yields support their factory, ensuring a steady supply.

The couple is hopeful that with a planned loan of 20,000,000 UGX/$5,370 USD  from VisionFund Uganda, they will complete their factory and start mass production of sunflower cooking oil. They also intend to purchase a tractor to assist outgrowing farmers in cultivating their land for improved sunflower yields, ensuring a consistent supply to their factory. This factory is a lifelong venture that they believe will provide financial resources to support their children's education.

The couple's sunflower cooking oil brand is scheduled to be certified for mass production by the food regulatory body this year. They are ready to export to the Kenyan and South Sudanese markets, as well as sell locally to households and local shops. The residual content from the sunflowers is used as animal feed, supplementing the couple's income.