A small loan goes a long way


When Diana became pregnant and realised that she couldn’t count on the financial support of her partner, she knew she needed to secure a source of reliable income to provide for the future of her child.

She soon became interested in the business of milk production and believed it to be the way of building her economic security, but struggled to find a place that would lend to her.

Through a friend’s reference, Diana learned about VisionFund Ecuador’s microfinance loans and easily accessible financial opportunities, and decided to apply for a loan.

With the money she received from VisionFund, she bought two calves to begin her milk business.

As time went on, Diana discovered the power of sustainability through the success of her milking business, and with the profits earned, started to pursue an education and even decided to start a second business.

She saw that her community was in need of personal care products, and she desired to open up her own shop to sell them.

After another VisionFund loan, that dream came true.

Today, Diana is a thriving businesswoman and entrepreneur, who owns her own store and is able to equip her daughter for a bright future.

She’s grateful for Visionfund’s “never-ending support,” and said “thanks to the work VisionFund Ecuador does, they have allowed me to grow as a woman, mother, entrepreneur, and professional.”

“I’m 35 years old and my life is still in the process of change,” Diana comments, sharing that she dreams of finishing her degree and buying a home for her daughter and herself.

And she knows she can count on VisionFund Ecuador to help her achieve her goals of a better life.