From Waitress to Restaurant Owner

Laura's Story

Laura started working when she was 19 years old, the same age she gave birth to her only child. “Looking at my baby girl changed my life, I wanted a different future for her.” And so, she started a career as a waitress, an activity she fell in love with since she had the opportunity to talk to lots of people, to have fun and to get good tips just by being herself: lively, kind and with a big smile. Yet, she knew she did not want this to be her job for a long time, she did not want to feel stuck.

Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Mexican restaurants are in Laura’s history as a waitress, and she had the chance not only to taste different cultures, but to closely analyze advantages and disadvantages of each business.

At age 28, she met her current business partner. “It’s really helpful to get along with entrepreneurs.” She was caught by the same spirit and she started her own business selling jewelry but she could not dismiss her knowledge in the service sector and four years later she decided to start her own restaurant. “I already knew which ingredients get spoiled faster, which type of food requires more preparation time so I chose Pozole, and well, it’s my favourite too.”

Recently, Laura opened the second branch of the Pozole Restaurante and she is targeting to have a chain to serve different municipalities and to have a recognized brand. She totally understands that she needs time, patience and effort to get there, but she is willing to work the extra hours and on holidays just to set the pace to her 13 employees. “I don’t like people making excuses not to work or not to get ahead.”

Now, after five years of being in front of the restaurant, Laura has an astonishing confidence in herself and her entrepreneurial vision is easy to see.