Bathing Suits, Beaches and Profit

Dalia's Story

Among sewing machines, large rolls of fabric in vivid colours, threads in the floor and her 11 employees working devotedly, Dalila recalls calmly the most difficult times in her business: divorce, depression and over indebtedness. “Bad decisions led me there”. But that big bump is far in the road and she prefers to talk about the bright side.

Dalila started making dresses and jackets when she was 14, her sister taught her the basics of sewing and she improved her ability by working in factories, where she also learnt that she did not like buttons, eyelets and spending half the time ironing the clothing. “Besides, I like sensuality”, so the obvious was to focus in bathing suits.

Today, after 20 years in her own business, Dalila’s designs are bought in Mexico City, 2 other states of the country, EE.UU., and Belize, in total she has 10 wholesale clients. The SGB loan she received helped her to buy more rolls of fabric, clothes lining and other materials needed to get closer to her goals: to expand the workshop and to have her own brand.

Like a good business woman, she likes to know about her competitors but more than anything to listen to her clients, to think like her clients. “Every time I go to the beach, I pay attention I look at the women around and what they are using. I want my clients to look great, to feel comfortable to feel confident.”

Dalila knows there are probably going to be more difficult times, but she knows she can get ahead with perseverance, enthusiasm and passion, reflecting her love for what she does in every piece that comes out from her workshop.