Sustaining livelihood from agriculture

kh chu

Ms. Nguyen Thi Chu is a client of MFU who lives with her husband in Cuong Chinh commune, Tien Lu district. We visited Chu when she and her husband was taking care of their small garden. Few years ago, her household was classified as a poor household, her family did not have a stable income resource. In 2019, when she heard of MFU, she decided to take part in the first loan to invest in a small farm of poultry and fruit tree. Since that time, her family’s livelihood has witnessed several changes due to that small business.

Ms. Chu shared: “With 10 million dong of the first loan, I invested in a small fish pond. After few months, I could earn income from selling fishes. I continued with the second loan in MFU and expanded our fish pond. Furthermore, the additional income helped us to grow a fruit tree garden and have a flock of ducks.

These days, at Chu’s house, we could see various fruit trees in her garden and a flock of white ducks in the far corner. She was excited to tell us the changes in their livings since they accessed the loan from MFU.

“The loan of MFU helped us a lot in sustaining our livelihood and generating more income. Additionally, the loan procedure is very simple and effective for us. Currently, our meals have more nutritious food, our health is getting better. We will keep our participation in MFU to expand our farm, buy more assets and be able to take a better care of our health.”