VF Myanmar client at broom making workshop

A Sweeping Success

Rachelle Coverson, Partnership Operations Manager at VisionFund International shares about a consistent dream articulated by women clients she met in Myanmar

During a recent trip to Yangon, Myanmar, I was inspired by the many women I met who against economic, social and political challenges, have changed the trajectory of their future through hard work and a small loan from VisionFund.


In Myanmar there are few options when you live in a rural village outside the capital. Yu Yu Maw was like many women who worked in the paddy fields as a day laborer making US $2.28 a day. When her only daughter fell ill, Yu Yu needed a way to grow her income to pay the clinic fees. She became part of a women’s savings group and took out a small loan to start a broom re-selling business. As her income grew, she wanted to maximize her profit and manage the quality of the brooms she was selling, so began to make brooms.

Over time, her business grew and Yu Yu needed a larger loan so she could purchase more raw materials and hire staff. She made 30 brooms a day when she was working on her own but now makes a 100 brooms a day, and her profits have increased further. She has expanded her production-line from one type of broom to five different kinds, and her brooms are not only functional but also beautiful pieces of craftsmanship.

Yu Yu’s motivation to have a successful business is her daughter and being able to provide for her daughter’s education; specifically for her to finish secondary school and go to college. Having only completed 5th grade herself, she wants her daughter to have a choice in picking a career. A better life for children is a consistent dream articulated by the women we met.

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate and acknowledge the work being done around the world towards gender equality. I am privileged to work for VisionFund whose focus on women is creating a better world for families and communities.


L-R: Rachelle Coverson, Partnership Operations Manager at VisionFund, VisionFund client Yu Yu Maw, and Miyon Kautz, Director of Marketing & Engagement at VisionFund