Education Loan Supports Children

Daw Khin Than May Story

My name is Daw Khin Than May. I live in Taung Myint ward. We have five family members. I have three children; two daughters and one son.

Three years ago, my husband was working as selling chickens. He earned about US $7 per day but that earning was only enough for their expense, we needed more investment to run our business better. We faced difficulty with our children's education fees plus business investment. As an ordinary housewife, I did not have a chance to help my family to get money. My hope and my dream is that my children be educated. I am scared that my dreams of my children being educated people are gone. My desire did not complete because we did not have extra money to use for my children education.

Although I was able to let my children attend school, I could not let them to get tuitions, could not give them pocket money, could not afford to buy lovely bags and could not buy new school uniforms. I felt that I was not dutiful of mother responsibility. When I think of to borrow money from others, it will be ended with paying high interest rate.

My eldest daughter is World Vision sponsored child. I heard Vision Fund microfinance program from a World Vision event and got the news that we could borrow money with low interest rate. I had known many types of loan such as commerce loan, education loan and so on. At first I thought that if only our business become better and getting more income, our children could study very well. Therefore, I decided to get commerce loan.

After getting 5th loan, I started to get education loan. As soon as I got that loan, I was able to purchase new school uniforms, stationeries and bags for my children.  I was so happy that I could afford to buy for my children at last. I did not have worry of not able to pay school fees. I could buy bicycle for my children go to school. I was happy to give what my children need. I could even pay tuition fees and pocket money to my children.

Now, my children can study happily as other children. As the benefit of getting commerce loan, my husband’s business has been successfully increasing. He earns more than twice what he used to earn.