“I sat on the bench and told myself it was enough.”

This is how begins the story of Tanja Pavicevic, a hairdresser, born 45 years ago in Niksic, a city under one of the most beautiful places on the planet, Trebjesa hill.

After finishing hairdressing school, Tanja started looking for her place under the sun in Montenegro. After ten years working on the Montenegrin coast as a hairdresser and constantly changing the locations of hair salons, in search of the best possible profit, Tanja ended up alone with no money and no future.

The return to his native Niksic was traumatic. Everything had to be done from the beginning with the desire to make her own corner and her own hairdressing boutique where she would be happiest and safe.

Today, this single mother of two children has everything she dreamed of. But the road was not easy.

The first loan of EUR 5,000 is taken from the official employment bureau. The amount for what she dreamed of was insufficient.

In this situation, she learned about Monte Credit office in Niksic. Very soon she has been a loyal and satisfied client of Monte Credit and stayed in relation for next ten years.

“I easily and quickly agreed with the employees of Monte Credit”, Tanya's said, “they are kind and willing to help, to hear further suggestion which are best to start my own business. These were the reasons why I stayed with Monte Credit so long.

Today I have full-time clients, satisfied workers and well-organized finances. Monte Credit is not only credit, it is also my trusted partner. Someone I know thinks of me. That means a lot to me.

It also makes me strong when crises occur.”

Tanja has plans for the future. She wants to hire young hairdressers, students and to expand her hair salon. As she says herself, “I intend to ask Monte Credit again for help. The winning team does not change, and the team is called Monte Credit.