Traditional Mongolian Hats

Ankhutya in her hat and clothing shop

One of the unique corners in the “Made in Mongolia” trading center of Darkhan city, Mongolia hosts a variety of handmade Mongolian traditional hats. Ankhtuya was interested in sewing from her childhood and learned how to make traditional hats from her brother.

Ankhtuya is mother of two and lives with her family in Darkhan city. She makes traditional hats with her husband. He helps her make hats with the sewing machine and she sews the exquisite stitching designs of the hats. Her youngest daughter inherited her mother’s talent and is currently studying to become a clothing designer.

“Making hats is not just sewing, it’s also the chance to learn Mongolian history and an opportunity to develop myself,” Ankhtuya shares. “I had a lack of financial resources in the beginning of the business because renting a stall and buying materials were expensive. So I applied for bank loan, but the requirement was high for me and I couldn’t receive a loan.”

However, Ankhutya’s friend knew about VisionFund, and Ankhtuya received 350,000 tugrik loan from VisionFund Mongolia. With the loan she started her current business, and now she has just received her fourth loan of two million tugrik.

“When I first received the loan, I was feeling good, like a rich woman” she smiles.With her loan, Ankhtuya purchased two sewing machines and invested the rest in her business working capital. 

Ankhtuya with her expanded hat stall

With the business profit, she has invested in her daughter’s education. Depending on the seasons and traditional holidays her business income is varied, but work is steady. In the future, she is planning to expand the type of hats, decorate her stall and even export her hats to other countries.