A Bright Future With Chickens and Eggs


Before getting a loan from VisionFund Rwanda and starting her business, Mukeshimana had nothing to eat, and was wearing dirty clothes but now life has changed. She said that “I used VFR loan to buy 150 chicks, one chick was costing me around 1,000 RWF, i was lucky that only two chicks died, the other 148 are now alive. Toady i collect around 120 eggs per day and can sell them in local market at a price of 80 Rwandan francs each.”

She said that the money collected in selling eggs is used to repay the loan, pay school fees to her children, other items needed at home and also to buy food for her hens. 

In the end, she is very thankful to VisionFund Rwanda for providing loans to Rwandans especially for women to let their children continue smiling. She also recommends other women to approach VFR and see how they can work with them to get a loan which will help them to come out from poverty. 

When it comes to improving livelihoods, it is easier to go step by small step instead of hoping to achieve your big dream immediately, which will only end in failure and disappointment. That is the philosophy behind the small loans scheme of VisionFund Rwanda (VFR), one of the country’s biggest microfinance organizations, which helps poor people to improve their lives in small steps, and thus ensure a better future for their children.