From a housewife to a buzzing entrepreneur

Christine entering her house

Christine’s story began in 2016 when she started borrowing with a group. However, her hard work, dedication, and commitment impressed VisionFund Uganda and she was eventually granted a loan as an individual customer, allowing her to borrow independently and qualify for a larger loan amount.

In 2017, Christine applied for a UGX 2,000,000 loan, which she borrowed three times before graduating to a UGX 30,000,000 loan. With this loan, she purchased a truck and began dealing in produce transportation for hire, as opposed to purchasing motorcycles for commercial gain as she had done previously.

The truck was a game-changer for Christine, allowing her to raise additional income to support both household productive activities and agriculture, in which she and her husband Joventine, a Primary School Head Teacher, are involved. The money helped supplement school fees for their children in Kampala.

Christine's house and the rental units under construction
Christine's house and the rental units under construction 


After completing the UGX 30,000,000 loan, Christine went on to borrow UGX 25,000,000. She used this loan to construct rental houses in Tororo and purchase a second truck from the profits made from the first one. Additionally, the couple acquired a plot of land within the town centre, where they plan to construct a commercial premise. Christine was compelled to build rental units due to the high housing demand within the town, as well as the construction of social amenities such as schools and hospitals that bring in new staff with a need for housing.

Christine also deemed it necessary to construct a house for her children, providing them with a good shelter for their wellbeing. She remains hopeful that with the profits generated from her rental units, motorcycles, and trucks, she will be able to purchase more land and start a commercial premise construction in their newly acquired prime plot of land in the town centre.

A sewing machine for Christine's children to learn from

A sewing machine for Christine's children to learn extra skills during holidays.

Christine is grateful to VisionFund Uganda for enabling her to transform her life and the lives of her children. She has become an inspiration to many women in her village, especially those who did not get a chance to access education, as she has been successful despite her challenging background.