A World Vision sponsored children in Myanmar with is parents.

Phase I: Paths from Poverty Priorities



As a result of lockdowns and other governmental restrictions, there are more people living in poverty, Paths from Poverty calls us to strengthen our Microfinance Institution (MFI) ministry to serve and strengthen communities. There is great potential in new ways to scale our work, and to explore the full opportunity within our three channels of delivery: MFIs, World Vision, and partnerships.

Live Our Christian Faith

With Christ at the centre of all we do, we demonstrate God’s unconditional love by mobilising our staff and communities towards the common purpose of addressing the deep, spiritual root causes of personal vulnerabilities. Outcome: We are living out our Christian faith and calling with boldness and humility.

1.1 Staff are spiritually nurtured and equipped to live out and communicate their faith in each context through orientation, training, mentoring, and devotions. 
1.2 Staff use Empowered Worldview and other evidence-based programs to integrate their faith into our work with clients.

Empower Our People

With Christ at our center and people as our shared priority, we work together collaboratively to equip and enable staff to fulfill their potential to contribute meaningfully and successfully, living out their calling to serve the world’s most vulnerable children. Outcome: Staff are enabled and equipped to attain their full potential, living out their calling, and delivering our strategy to fulfill Our Livelihoods Promise.

2.1 Staff are highly engaged, valued and cared for, and leaders are accountable for staff performance, well-being, development and engagement.
2.2 Staff are trained and enhance skills to become stronger individual contributors and leaders.
2.3 Staff are engaged in creating a culture aligned with our core values, mindsets and behaviours, embracing diversity, equity and inclusion.

Broaden and Deepen Impact 

We better understand the effect our work is having on our clients, their children and the community and support and deepen the positive change bringing life in all its fullness and brighter futures. Outcome: As an impact driven, market-informed organization, our culture and practice will maximize child and family well-being with every action we take.

3.1 Global, regional and local organizational decisions are made based on potential impact and impact growth within communities.
3.2 Impact is defined, understood, and monitored consistently across MFIs that are equipped to collect, use, and leverage impact data for both the benefit of the client and the MFI.
3.3 Through strategic communications, impact evaluations support specific fundraising initiatives, and external engagements to raise the global and local profile of VFI.

Strengthen Operations

Driving excellence in all we do, we have strong MFIs and Global Centre operations to build resilient livelihoods for clients, creating strong families and strong economies. Outcome: All strategic MFIs are adequately capitalized, sustainable, and equipped with leadership, technology, and tools to attract and retain the client segments we most seek to serve.

4.1 Technology, tools, platforms, and agent networks are deployed and leveraged to increase client reach, reduce operating costs, manage risk, enhance client relationships, and improve MFI responsiveness.
4.2 Risk exposures are managed and mitigated through internal controls, systems, analytics, safeguards, and portfolio diversification
4.3 Technology enables improved workflows, reduced costs, and increased efficiencies throughout Global Centre and MFIs improve financial performance.

Build Our Future

We have a growth mindset to serve more clients, their children and communities, so we create, test and scale new products and channels with strong community partnerships. Outcome: Strategic partnerships and new initiatives serve more clients and families through expanded funding, delivery channels and products.

5.1 Products and services are created, refined and scaled through our MFI network, partnerships with World Vision and others to grow the VFI client base.
5.2 MFIs and GC increase and diversify funding revenues.
5.3 New tools and processes strengthen decision making for optimal deployment of people and capital.

Mindsets and Behaviors

We can change our organisation by first changing ourselves. This means letting go of some old ways of thinking and acting, and allowing the Holy Spirit to continually transform us, personally and corporately, as we seek to realise the God given potential amongst us. We re-commit to our four mindsets and behaviours, with updates to reflect global challenges and changes.

  • Unity, Inclusion, and Trust Moving together as one, inclusive World Vision partnership, we create a safe space for all staff to contribute, with mutual accountability and joint dependence on God. We ensure the voices and experiences of those who are under-represented or marginalized are included at every level of our organisation.

  • Wise Stewardship We act with agility to focus on impact for children, continuously improving value and simplicity in the way we operate. We are faithful to the purpose to which all resources are entrusted to us, including the sustaining of God’s creation.

  • Looking Outward - We are open and inquisitive, working with others to grasp opportunities and deal with threats. Learning from and working flexibly with partners, we innovate together to enhance our shared impact.

  • Timely Truth-Telling with Love - Our conversations are always authentic, courageous, inclusive of a diverse range of voices, and full of grace and hope. We address issues, including greater racial justice and female representation, by saying what needs to be said and hearing what needs to be heard. We seek to understand as well as to be understood. This allows us to disagree, discuss, then commit and depend on one another.