Savings group in India

Saving for Tomorrow

VisionFund is piloting new work to help families and communities better manage their money. Assisting families to save money helps ensure the growth of their business activities and investment in essential family needs, and also makes sure there is something extra when emergency strikes.   


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Savings for Transformation

In many areas where VisionFund works, communities are too remote, and members too far below the poverty line, for banks to meet their needs. Savings groups are a way for people without access to formal banking services to access some financial security. Savings groups are owned, managed and operated by the members, using a simple, transparent method where groups accumulate and convert small amounts of cash into savings. The group’s savings are then lent as credit to the group’s entrepreneurs to earn additional income. 

VisionFund is serving existing savings groups by supplying lines of credit and savings accounts that allow members to manage their money. We are piloting savings products and services that meet community needs, by helping savings group members expand their economic activities with increased lending capability.

Savings Group in Zambia

Savings Group Linkage Loans

Savings Product

By supplying savings groups with loans of their own, VisionFund is enabling savings group members to grow their businesses in new ways.

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Savings at the Frontier in Zambia

Pilot Project

VisionFund Zambia is using new technologies for savings groups. These will allow access a secure digital savings account and access to a linkage loan.