VF Uganda | Boda Boda Loan Product

"Drive yourself to success"


  • This loan is offered to individuals for the purpose of acquiring motorcycles for business.
  • The client contributes a minimum of Shs. 1million or 17% of the loan amount applied for.
  • Loan amount up to Shs. 10million available.
  • The repayment period is up to 24 months.
  • Repayment frequency is monthly, bi-monthly or weekly.
  • One client can acquire more than one motorcycle as long as they have the capacity to manage loan installments.


  • No security required.
  • Larger loan amount.
  • Flexible repayment frequency. (Pay as you earn)
  • Less interest burden with our reducing balance method.
  • Insurance coverage for your motorcycle.
  • Clients can acquire more than one motorcycle at the same time.