Faibe in her shop

From charcoal seller to financially independent

Faibe’s story with VisionFund Uganda started almost 10 years ago, when she lost her husband and decided to take a bold step to look after her then young family. A resilient and hardworking worker she is, she ventured into the charcoal-selling business as a way to raise school fees and other necessities for her school-going children.

Using the first loan of 500,000 UGX /$134 USD, she managed to stock her shop with a number of bags that would later be sold to gain a profit. She was able to pay back her first loan is has loan for 3,000,000 UGX / $805 USD as well as a loan for her children's  ongoing school fees. 

From the financial support VisionFund Uganda has provided, Faibe’s children have been able to go to school, with two of them graduating from the university, and the remaining one steadily progressing through her academics. She has been able to construct rental houses that have since bolstered her earnings, making her financially sound and independent.

She is thankful to VisionFund Uganda for prioritizing women in our service, recruiting skilled credit officers that cultivate healthy and meaningful relationships with customers, and attributes her success to the organization for not having given up on her despite the challenging times she went through after losing her husband.