Wesley Jordan, VisionFund Chief Operating and Technology Officer

Wesley Jordan

Chief Operating and Technology Officer

Wesley has 20 years of progressive experience in economic development, with an emphasis on financial inclusion, spanning Eastern Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. He joined VisionFund in 2011 serving as Africa Regional Finance Director, worked in Myanmar and as CFO for VisionFund Cambodia. Wesley then joined the Digitization and Operational Change team, focusing on data analytics, and most recently as Global Director of Digitization. Prior to his work with VisionFund, he had a number of financial and operations roles in Africa and Eastern Europe.

Wesley, his wife Molly, and their son Phillip live in North Carolina, USA. Active in his church, he has started a course on Faith and Finances to teach financial literacy and accountability. Prior to moving to the US, Wesley and the family lived in seven countries. Wesley spends much of his spare time outdoors and has run a marathon in each region where they have lived. Interesting fact, he has never drunk a cup of coffee in his life!