Annual Report 2018

VisionFund Annual Report 2018: Celebrating 15 Years Empowering Lives

London, 24 June 2019:VisionFund International today released its Annual Report for the financial year ending 30 September 2018, registering strong impact and also marking 15 years of empowering lives through microfinance services.

As an impact-led organisation, VisionFund reports serving 1.1 million clients in 2018 with a loan portfolio of $727 million; helping improve businesses and increase incomes, which in turn improved living conditions, their employees’ conditions, and the well-being of 4.1 million children who had more nutritious food, better clothing, and the opportunity to go to school. The organisation continued to focus on serving rural and agriculture-based business, with micro loans, financial services, expert advice and training.

“Reflecting on our progress the past year, we are filled with gratitude for what we have been able to achieve,” comments Michael Mithika, President & CEO of VisionFund International. “Through the commitment of our colleagues around the world, generosity of our donors and support of our funders we have empowered millions with financial solutions to build brighter futures and help transform communities.” 

The VisionFund 2018 Annual Report (click here to downloadhighlights work carried out by its global network of 29 microfinance institutions across Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. 



VisionFund International, World Vision’s microfinance arm, has been improving the lives of children in the developing world for 15 years. By offering small loans and other financial services, clients develop successful businesses, enabling their children to grow up healthy and educated. In FY2018, VisionFund International’s network of microfinance institutions provided loans to 1.1 million clients, with nearly three-quarters of these going to women and over a third to clients actively involved in farming. Repayment rates were 97.8%. Also in FY2018, over 4.1 million children were positively impacted through its MFI network located across 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America.