Zoran's Story

Կիրակի, Հոկտեմբեր 27, 2019
Zoran Montenegro
Կիրակի, Հոկտեմբեր 27, 2019

Zoran Colovic was born in Zagreb, Croatia, spent his youth in Knin, and in 1997 decided to come to Montenegro, without the intention of staying here for a long.

He has been involved in art all his life and he became an extraordinary artist, visionary and creator.

He has lived and worked in many cities on the Montenegrin coast, from Budva to Herceg Novi, through capital Podgorica, to the cities in northern Montenegro, however, Bar town, he says, remains the base of his life and business.

When he came to Montenegro, he began to restore paintings and furniture, which at the time was not a lucrative business, but Zoran kept to the job he loves. That is his passions despite the many difficulties that hindered him at every corner at the time.

In order to earn a certain income from the work he does, Zoran began to devise ways to change his business, to suit the needs of the market, and at the same time not to deviate from his profession, his love and his personality.

Thus, he devised the idea to divert his activity to the production of art and craft elements made of modeling plaster.

He started with the production of moldings, poles and ornaments.

This finally came to the recognition of both: locals and people from abroad who immigrated to Montenegro.

The business began to develop and Zoran began to incorporate his art into the ambiences of Bar`s houses as well as into eminent hospitality facilities.

Due to his current inability to expand his workshop to suit his work needs, Zoran decides to take out a loan to expand his business and choose Monte Credit as his associate.

In his words, Monte Credit helped him come to what was his goal back in 1997.

He opened his art workshop where he produces real works of art.

As the same fillings of every Christian, who has such a gift in his hands, dictates, Zoran began to work on the creation and restoration of icons.

He said to our credit officers that they are friendly, professional and that he feels like one of his friends at the Monte Credit branch.

Dreams come true - miracles happen. Zoran Colovic is an example of this sentence.

With Monte Credit, he was able to extend his art and afford all Bar`s citizens as well as people throughout Montenegro, to enjoy his authentic works, which are a paradise for the eyes and a rest for the soul.

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