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Life In All Its Fullness

Life In All Its Fullness

Our Vision

Our vision for every child, life in all its fullness.

Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so.

We look forward to a world where every child experiences Jesus’ promise of life in all its fullness. Where they are protected, cared for and given the opportunities to become all God meant them to be. Where they grow strong in communities free of need and full of promise. Where families are valued, creation preserved and the most vulnerable live in security and confidence. Where they become responsible citizens of well led nations. Where peace and justice reign and all have the right to contribute.Where they flourish in a world where the treasure of our hearts and the measure of our wealth is the happiness and well-being of all children.

Our Mission

We believe in brighter futures for children. 
Empowering families to become financially resilient.
Unlocking economic potential for communities to thrive.


We believe in brighter futures for children where they can experience the love of Christ, building lives free of need and full of promise.

We empower families to become financially resilient. Our financial services enable impoverished households to build businesses, save money, and use insurance to reduce financial risk. We walk alongside clients to grow successful businesses and provide tools to support their children and families' well-being. 

Working together as part of World Vision – a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation – we enable communities to increase economic activity, access clean water, education and healthcare, benefit from improvements to nutrition, and provide the foundations for local economies to flourish.

Our Values

Christian children

Our Values

We Are Christian

Christ helped all those he could and sacrificed everything: we would not be honoring him if we didn't help all people, regardless of faith.

By following in Jesus' footsteps, we look to support those who need it most and transform their lives: whether poor, powerless, at risk, or vulnerable—we are called to help. Only by working together to provide financial inclusion for all, can we begin to properly provide for the well-being of children, and bestow dignity and respect equally for men and women around the globe.

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Our Values

We Are Committed To The Poor 

 We are called to serve the people in greatest need around the world, to relieve their suffering and to promote the transformation of their condition of life.

We stand in solidarity in a common search for economic equality, and financial inclusion that includes the most vulnerable and the most remote. We seek to understand the situation of those living in poverty and work alongside them toward fullness of life. We share our discovery of eternal hope in Jesus Christ.


Our Values

We Value People

Every person on this earth has been specially created by God. No amount of money or power is more valuable than a human life.

We believe in the dignity, the uniqueness, and the intrinsic worth of every individual—including those we serve, our donors, our staff and their families, our board members and each of our volunteers. By encouraging these important values in our professional culture, our staff is able to have more open and honest working relationships, which extend into their personal and spiritual development in positive ways.

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Our Values

We Are Stewards

God has given us the resources to make a difference via financial credit and services. It is our mission to use these resources to help the poor.

Our word and our commitment to efficient resource management are the foundation from which we deliver maximum benefits and opportunity to communities around the globe. Our financial inclusion activities are also ecologically sound and designed to protect and care for God's creation.

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Our Values

We Are Partners

The international VisionFund Network strives to work above and beyond the traditional boundaries of structure and culture.

We cannot change the world alone. We are reliant on one another to know, understand, and love each other as we accept the great responsibility of joint participation, shared goals, and mutual accountability. While maintaining a firm belief of unity in the Body of Christ, we partner freely with the poor, donors, lenders, and other organisations to work together and make a collaborative effort for justice.

When Disaster Strikes

Our Values

We Are Responsive

VisionFund is always innovating to ensure our clients are receiving the best financial services and care for their individual needs.

Even when disaster strikes, VisionFund is there to help families and communities get back on their feet, by providing the credit and insurance cover to not just survive, but thrive. Only through sustainable, long-term financial inclusion can we overcome difficult conditions, and deep-seated, complex economic and social deprivation.

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Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion

VisionFund's is delivering financial services to clients in vulnerable, rural communities through our 25 microfinance institutions around the world.