Impact of VisionFund Rwanda Loans

I took time to visit the Abizera group with 12 members. When visiting this group, members said that to join VFR was a good decision made for them because the loans helped to expend their businesses and in return impacted their life positively. For example they said that before it was difficult to get school uniforms and scholastics materials for their children but now they can afford them and all their children are in schools. Some members said that they managed to renovate their houses, bought motorcycles, nice clothes and domestic animals. 

The group started working with VFR in 2016 and received a total loan equivalent to 1,300,000 RWF. Currently, the group is in its fourth cycle and has received a total loan amounting to 3,100,000 Rwandan francs. Members of this group are running different businesses such as boutiques, rearing pigs, rabbits, hens, selling fruits, vegetables, banana juices, and sorghum drinks in local markets.

After meeting the whole group, I went ahead and visited Madam Maria Mukamwiza a member of the Abizera group at her home and her business to witness changes in her life as mentioned in the group.

Mrs. Mukamwiza is VFR client, she is married and has six children. Five kids are in primary school and the last born is still a baby. Mukamwiza gave us her testimony on how VFR loan impacted her life saying that before she had nothing, but now she can feed her children and send them to school. “Before I start using VFR loan, I was poor, I had no food, my clothes were dirty but now you can see I look smart,” said Mukamwiza.