Products and Services
Products and Services

VisionFund Myanmar’s diverse products and services are tailored to meet the unique needs of vulnerable communities.

Begin your journey with us today to explore our diverse range of offerings and services. 


We provide many types of group and individual loans, ensuring that the right product is available to best serve our clients’ needs – and to empower them on the path out of poverty.
Business Loans

Business Loans

Ideal for group or individual entrepreneurs, particularly ambitious women running small businesses in rural areas.

Agri and Livestock Loans

Agri & Livestock Loans

Targeted to farmers involved in varied agricultural activities such as paddy growing, crop farming, livestock rearing, and fishing, these loans offer diverse plans with groups and individuals to bolster the rural economy.

Recovery Loans

Recovery Loans

These loans are for clients impacted by economic shocks or natural disasters, helping them get back on their feet by restoring livelihoods and fostering resilience. 


At VisionFund, we believe financial independence is a cornerstone of empowerment. For this reason, we encourage clients to save and build their financial resilience.


Our flexible savings product allows balances from 1,000 MMK to 10,000,000 MMK, and provides an annual interest rate of 10%. 


VisionFund address.

If you want to know the addresses of VisionFund’s  brannches, you can access them through the link below.

How can I send complaints and suggestions?

If you want to send complaints and suggestions, you can contact us through the following contact points:

Email         –

Facebook  –

Website    –

LinkedIn    –

Suggestion box  – Respective branch and Head Office

Client Service Center helpline – 09 750 067 002 (Weekdays 10am to 4pm only)

What types of loans are available?

(2) types of loans are available

  • Individual Loan
  • Group Loan

If you want more details about Individual Loans & Group Loans, you can contact the Client Service Center Hotline on 09750067002 or contact us through the VisionFund Myanmar Messenger chat.

How can I save money through VisionFund?

Members of VisionFund are entitled to save through 2 types of savings products:

  • Compulsory saving
  • Voluntary saving

If you want to more details about Compulsory Saving and Voluntary Saving products, you can contact the Client Service Center Hotline on 09750067002 or contact us through VisionFund Myanmar Messenger chat.

Do you allow another person to make a savings withdrawal on my behalf?

For the safety of clients,  withdrawals can only be made by the client.

Do you allow non-members to save money through VisionFund?

Currently, only members are allowed to save money through VisionFund.

If you meed more information, you can contact the Client Service Center Hotline on 09750067002 or contact us through VisionFund Myanmar Messenger chat.

What loan repayment methods do you offer?

You can make loan repayments through leading mobile money providers or at your VisionFund office.

How can I know the current job vacancies?

Job announcements can be accessed on the official VisionFund Myanmar Facebook page and LinkedIn page

Facebook: visionfundmyanmar


Website: Myanmar | Careers | VisionFund

How can I apply for a job with VisionFund?

You can send your CV to for the position you want to apply for and (or) send a letter to the relevant branch office.

You can also call the Human Resources Department.

 The available contact phone number is   09-750067003.

You can access the address of the relevant branch office at the link below.

VFM HR email for the job -