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Unlocking opportunities, transforming lives

Unlocking opportunities, transforming lives

Rural Agriculture MM

Rural Agriculture

Agriculture is Myanmar's economic backbone, and accounts for 32% of GDP. Over 69% of Myanmar’s population lives in rural areas, the majority of them make a livelihood in farming.

VisionFund strives for the development of sustainable, profitable, and scalable agricultural businesses, providing them with increased access to capital, markets, and technical knowledge.

VisionFund’s dedication, propels the agriculture sector towards stability and growth, enhancing the well-being of communities in the process.

Let's work together to strengthen our agricultural communities and build a prosperous and secure food future for Myanmar.
Recovery Lending MM

Recovery Lending

Our Recovery Lending for Resilience programme supports the financial recovery of rural farmers and small businesses impacted by economic shocks stemming from natural or man-made disasters.

Recent examples of this programme in action include:

  • COVID-19 Response: In response to our client’s needs, VisionFund provided repayment rescheduling, easier savings withdrawals, and loan disbursements. Our collaboration with World Vision Myanmar’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan further strengthened our efforts to restore, protect, and sustain the livelihoods and living conditions of vulnerable households.
  • Natural Disaster Response: This project contributes to the recovery of affected households impacted by recent natural disasters through providing increased access to affordable financial services (credit, savings, and embedded education) to enable them to restore and rebuild their livelihoods, start new ventures or do repairs of their damaged homes.
We invite you to be part of this transformation, helping to foster comprehensive growth and resilience in Myanmar.


VisionFund strives to continually innovate to meet the needs of our clients.

  • Digitalisation: VisionFund uses technological advancements to expand its reach, improve client satisfaction, and improve operational efficiency. Recent examples include equipping all field staff with mobile devices to improve the loan turnaround time, and providing clients with various digital payment channels to reduce the need for inefficient and time-consuming cash collections.
  • Savings Group Loans: Through the Finance Accelerating Savings Group Transformation (FAST) programme, VisionFund provides additional capital to savings group members to boost the cash in their cash box, promoting self-sustainability and prosperity.
  • Green Financing: VisionFund’s commitment to environmental sustainability is exemplified in projects like the Gulf of Mottama Project. By providing financial services and endorsing responsible fishing practices, VisionFund safeguards both the coastal ecosystem and the livelihoods of rural coastal communities.
Join VisionFund Myanmar on our journey to redefine the future of financial inclusion.
Financial Inclusion

Financial Inclusion

In Myanmar, 70% of the adult population is financially excluded, they remain unbanked or are only informally served. With experience operating in fragile contexts as part of a global network of mission-focused MFIs, we work to actively support financially underserved communities, especially farmers, low-income women, conflict-affected groups, PWDs (People with Disabilities), IDPs (Internally Displaced People), and migrant factory workers. We also provide training on digital literacy, financial literacy, and business management to assist our clients to develop thriving businesses through appropriate use of financial services.

Join us as we continue to strive for a financially inclusive future for all.


VisionFund is working towards a more inclusive and prosperous future for all, focusing on financial inclusion, child well-being, and poverty alleviation.

  • Child Well-BeingChild Well-Being forms the foundation of all our loans, savings, and insurance products. We are committed to ensuring our financial services impact the well-being of children and families. A child living in a household that has access to financial services and increased family income, is more likely to have nutritious food, clean water, a proper education, and the health services they need to grow up and thrive.
  • Poverty AlleviationVisionFund's initiatives are aimed at reducing poverty levels, increasing income levels, and providing more secure employment opportunities. By providing affordable and accessible loans to small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs, we aim to stimulate economic growth and development in the regions we operate in.