Creating Beauty with African Fabrics


Madam Célestine Nyangi BUEYA is at her fourth group credit cycle with VisionFund DRC to open a shop selling African fabrics. Having made her first loan in a group of 18 where she received the sum of US $300, was trained by World Vision in 2017 and was a member of a World Vision savings group.

She used her second group loan to open a second shop, also selling African material. Her third loan allowed her to diversify the quality of African fabrics in her shop. It was with the profits obtained from the sale of her fabrics that she could send her daughter to Europe and her other child to Angola.

The eldest of her children is 36 years old is living in Europe, the second child lives in Angola and the rest are based in Kinshasa but only the second last and the last born still live under the parent’s roof.

She has been married more than 25 years; her spouse doesn't have a job but he still manages or survive with small jobs done here and there.

Her goal is to leave the sale of African Fabrics for a wholesaler and to open a bigger store for wholesale African fabrics in several other areas such as Matete, Gambela and in the big market of Kinshasa called Zando.