Family in their field in India

Insurance for Financial Inclusion

In times of crisis, those living in rural poverty can have difficulty recovering from shocks. VisionFund's microinsurance products ensure that our clients aren’t left with further financial difficulties after a death, birth, theft, accident, illness or disaster. 

Woman standing beside two children in Kenya
Family in their field in India
Woman standing beside two children in Kenya
Family walking down road with backs turned

Life Insurance

VisionFund’s three life insurance products – credit life, term life, and enhanced credit life – ensure that credit loans can be forgiven and families assisted if our client passes away.

Family of five inside home in Myanmar

Personal Insurance

Our health insurance products for accident and illness will assist our clients to receive healthcare and relieve financial stress for the duration of their illness.  

Woman holding sheep in Senegal

Agrifinance and Crop and Livestock Insurance

Crop and Livestock insurance reduces risks and enhances farmers’ resilience to climate shocks, through our combined product that provides both credit for resilience solutions and insurance for uncontrollable risk.  

People standing around house that was destroyed in disaster

Disaster Recovery Insurance - ARDIS

VisionFund’s innovative program ARDIS is the world’s largest non-governmental climate-insurance programme, ensuring that clients can access the finance they need to recover from crisis.