Adrian Merryman, Chief Business Development Officer

Adrian Merryman

Chief Business Development Officer

Adrian serves as the Chief Business Development Officer (CBDO) for VisionFund, with a focus on scaling up business lines including FAST-Finance Accelerating Savings Group Transformation; Insurance, and Partnerships.

Adrian previously served as CEO of VisionFund Cambodia with over 250,000 clients and a portfolio of $175 million. VisionFund Cambodia leveraged an innovative digital banking platform to remain the most efficient and client-focused MFI in Cambodia.

Adrian’s experience includes serving as CEO of VisionFund Tanzania. Under his leadership it became a leader in the cashless mobile wallet-based banking system. Adrian also worked with World Vision Tanzania to conceptualise and implement the Thrive holistic agricultural economic development program.

More recently Adrian has served as VisionFund’s Chief Development Officer while also serving on the Board of VisionFund Myanmar.

Prior to joining VisionFund, Adrian served as CEO of the Opportunity International Network, which operated in 35 countries. Under his leadership the client and asset base grew four-fold and ten NGOs became deposit-taking microfinance banks.

Adrian’s former roles included serving as CEO of Screen plc; Chief Investment Officer of Interregnum plc; CEO of Temenos Systems S.A. He was Head of European Investment Banking for CIBC Oppenheimer Corp., and an investment banker for Merrill Lynch & Co.

Adrian has an MBA from Harvard Business School and BA from Swarthmore College. He resides with his wife and children on Cape Cod, MA.