I Got Help When I Needed It

კვირა, ოქტომბერი 20, 2019
Elba's Story Bolivia
კვირა, ოქტომბერი 20, 2019

"Fubode believes in us and gives us the opportunity to grow," said Herminia Elva Magne Ventura about her credit experience with Fubode IFD.

Elva started with a credit of 3,000 Bolivianos and is now paying a credit of 13,000 Bolivianos. She invests that money in purchasing material for business products, for example, her last credit was invested in buying cloth to make and print ecological bags and t-shirts.

"Fubode helped me when I needed it most to invest in my business, not even relatives help you when facing an economic crisis, but Fubode believed in me and helped me", were the words of Mrs. Elva when she told us about her experience as a client of Fubode IFD.