Candy Shop Owner Gets Sweet Deal Through Microcredit

კვირა, ოქტომბერი 20, 2019
Victoria's Story Bolivia
კვირა, ოქტომბერი 20, 2019

Mrs. Victoria is a humble client who sells candy and toys in Quillacollo's central market, Bolivia. She started selling candy when her son was 13 years old, and his father abandoned them with no source of income. 

As time passed and her needs arose, she looked for a way to expand her business. A friend told her about Fubode and the community groups where they lent you capital, without requiring a real guarantee and where they would guarantee each other.

This is how three years ago, Mrs. Victoria became a client of Fubode. She started in the group peregrinos where she still remains and her first credit was 1000 bolivianos, with those she was able to buy boxes of candy to have a bigger profit and thus increase her sales capital. Now, Mrs. Victoria is working on her sixth cycle and her credits range from 1,000 to 7,000 bolivianos.

"When my husband left me I didn't know what to do and with the little I had I started to buy some candy to sell at the door of the schools, I started at my son's school, and wandered through other schools as well, until they told me about Fubode and gave me the opportunity to consolidate my own business, I was able to get my son out of high school and now I am about to finish paying for my post here at the market" said Victoria proudly.

At Fubode IFD we believe in women who, with effort, are able to raise their children.