A Business that Spiced Up Her Life

ორშაბათი, ოქტომბერი 14, 2019
Pheona with her spice business at the Uganda marketplace
ორშაბათი, ოქტომბერი 14, 2019

University graduate Pheona has always been business minded. Choosing to run a market stall instead of walking the streets looking for a job, the mother of two now has a large spice stall at the famous St. Balikuddembe market in Uganda. 

When Pheona first started her stall, very few people were dealing in spices, so her business was successful right from the start. Starting with a small loan from VisionFund, she is currently serving a loan of UGX five million, expanding her business to sell to hotels and restaurants in the city centre as well as exporting to Kenya. 

Since beginning her business, Pheona has managed to pay for the construction of two houses, living in one and renting out othe other for an additional income of UGX 400,000 per month. Pheona’s future, and that of her children, is secure thanks to consecutive loans from VisionFund and her astute business knowledge.