Jessica with her employees in Uganda

Building an Empire

Smallholder farmer and mother of five, Jessica started her farm with just one pig, a far cry from the larger agricultural business she has today. Her first pig gave birth to eight piglets, which the business-minded Jessica chose to keep rather than sell, in order to expand her farm even further. 

With VisionFund, Jessica has now taken three loan cycles: an initial loan of just UGX 400,000 turned enough profit that she then took a second loan of UGX 600,000, and now has a loan of UGX 900,000. VisionFund encouraged her entrepreneurial spirit, and Jessica has now branched out to a range of agricultural endeavours. 

Jessica can sell her pigs for UGX100,000 each, with 20 currently being raised on her land. To cover expenses during the period when the pigs are growing, she also grows and sells maize, and buys and sells a local beverage after seeing a friend do the same. She started by purchasing by a five-litre jerry can of the beverage and selling it onwards and can now sell up to 20 in a week. 

Jessica has also recently branched out into making bricks for household use, employing her friends and neighbours to assist her. In taking on employees, Jessica is able to improve her productivity, whilst also supporting other people in her community to earn an income.

With her newfound income, Jessica’s five children are all in school with their school fees readily paid, with their needs taken care of. Together with her husband, Jessica’s future is bright thanks to regular and sustainable financial freedom.