Daw Ngwe Thi_Myeik

The Strength of Motherhood

Single mother Ngwe Thi (36) from Tha But village in Myeik used to run a small flower farm to support her daughters Ei Shwe Zin (13) and Ei Zin Phyo (9). She grows chrysanthemum and loves this job. She had an opportunity to learn about pig raising from a World Vision training and when the flower farm did not do well, she decided to raise some pigs for extra income. When the flower farm continued to lose money, she completely shifted to the pig breeding business. To support her new business, she borrowed money from her neighbor and was unfortunately charged high interest rate.

In 2020, Ngwe Thi’s sister introduced her to VisionFund. She liked the financial services offered and she found VFM staff welcoming, friendly and easy to communicate with. She took out her first loan of 800,000  MMK (US$432) which she used to purchased feed and to build a pigsty. With her second loan of 1,200,000 MMK (US$648), Ngwe Thi was able to invest more in feeds for the pigs, restart her flower farm as well as pay off old loans.

My business started to take off. I was especially happy that I can go back to my passion – which was flower farming. Not only was I able to restart my flower farm, but I was also able to expand it to two acres from one acre. I purchased fertilizers, pesticides, and farming tools and equipment to grow better quality flowers.  At the same time, I invested in concreting a seven-block pigsty.

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When the pandemic hit the country, Ngwe Thi’s business was impacted. There was a decline in the price of pigs and so she decided to sell piglets instead because it fetches better price. Travel restrictions affected her marketing of flowers to the city and so she decided to focus sale to local buyers.

“I’m confident to continue my businesses with the support I receive from VFM. I’m going to do everything to be able to give my daughters a comfortable life and a better future. I want Ei Shwe Zin and Ei Zin Phyo to complete university education and fulfill their dreams – whatever that may be.”