Moving Forward with Perseverance

Nyamkhuu with her daughter and their cattle

"Things have been very difficult since my husband passed away, but with hard work and help we make it through," says Nyamkhuu, a middle aged woman in the Terelj National Park in Mongolia. She and her husband had been herding cattle and yaks for many years to provide for their family. But after her husband passed away in 2011, she has had to carry the heavy load alone.

Nyamkhuu has three children and provides for them by continuing her cattle herding and selling dairy products such as Aaruul, a dried milk curd that is a food staple to many Mongolians.

Nyamkhuu feeding her cowsNyamkhuu has been a client of VisionFund Mongolia for years but since her husband passed she has appreciated the additional resources that they provide even more. Nyamkhuu's mom, Yura, has been a huge help during this tough time. She helps bake the Aaruul, milk the cattle and take care of Sarnai.

With her mom's help, loans from VisionFund Mongolia and most importantly hard work and perseverance, Nyamkhuu has been able to send her children to school and provide money for her entire family.