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Eliminate intergenerational poverty and impact the lives of 30 million children by 2030

Eliminate intergenerational poverty and impact the lives of 30 million children by 2030

Guided by the love of Christ, Our Livelihoods Promise is focused on expanding our financial services, our impact and our World Vision footprint to reach 30 million children by 2030.


  • Our Christian identity is embraced in how we work; and our staff and clients are transformed through Empowered Worldview.

  • Digital solutions facilitate greater effectiveness to meet client needs and staff efficiencies.

  • Women and their families thrive when given tools for financial security and resilience.

  • Decision making and resourcing are driven by our approach to impact.

  • Our financial solutions (loans, FAST, savings and insurance) are accessible for World Vision and other partners.

  • 10 million clients are empowered through Our Livelihoods Promise.

VisionFund Rwanda loan officer providing Embedded Education training to savings group members

Our Livelihoods Promise

Aspirational Goal

Impact the lives of 30 million children by 2030 especially in low-income, vulnerable or rural communities. Offering financial and livelihoods solutions to enable households and communities to thrive, providing access to suitable offerings focused on client needs. Delivering our offerings through our MFI network, through World Vision, and through other partners and institutions.

Our Livelihoods Promise

Our Livelihoods Promise Initiatives

The six initiatives identify the key strategic actions that need to be taken by the organization to deliver Our Livelihoods Promise by 2030. These initiatives guide and sharpen VisionFund’s activities and priorities for work plans and budgets.


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Our digital solutions provide sustainable financial services to the rural poor through adoption of technology platforms that improve client engagement, create efficiency, empower VisionFund staff with the right tools, and enable us to gather evidence of change.

Going cashless: To better serve clients, a range of services including electronic disbursements and payments is provided. The benefit is that clients can continue to work on their businesses and don’t have to take precious time to travel long distances to service their loans. 2030 goal: 90% cashless.

Going paperless: Digitizing the lending process from client engagement to loan application, loan review and approval gives field staff a faster and more efficient way to serve clients. 2030 goal: 90% paperless.

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Empowered Worldview

The Empowered Worldview training seeks to shift mindsets of both VisionFund staff and clients from scarcity and limitation towards abundance and a vision for a better future as God intended2030 goal: 100% staff trained; 100% clients trained.

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Throughout the network, VisionFund uses evidence of change in the lives of our clients to drive local and global decisions that maximise the impact we have on our clients, children, and communities. 2030 goal: 100% MFIs use evidence of impact in decision-making.

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Client Mix

Serving the most vulnerable with the full suite of microfinance services, we increase our client base by providing microloans and increasing FAST, insurance and savings offerings. 2030 goal: 30% credit, 20% FAST, 25% insurance-only, 25% savings-only.

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We expand our delivery channels beyond our MFIs by partnering with our World Vision Field Offices and other external partners to empower more vulnerable women and men and their communities with financial services. 2030 goal: 70% VF MFIs, 20% World Vision, 10% partnerships.

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Serving 10 million clients and their children requires the full commitment of VisionFund and World Vision to maximize all opportunities to engage and enable clients to move out of poverty. 2030 goal: 10 million clients

Our Livelihoods Promise Phases

Our Livelihoods Promise 10-year strategy has three phases to reflect specific opportunities and targets to achieve our strategic ambition. 

A World Vision sponsored children in Myanmar with is parents.

Phase I: Paths from Poverty (FY2021-FY2024)

As a result of lockdowns and other governmental restrictions, there are more people living in poverty, Paths from Poverty calls us to strengthen our MFI ministry to serve and strengthen communities. There is great potential in new ways to scale our work, and to explore the full opportunity within our three channels of delivery: MFIs, World Vision, and partnerships.

VisionFund client with her two children from Ghana

Phase II: Deepening Impact for Vulnerable Families (FY25-FY27)

Deepening Impact for Vulnerable Families builds on Paths from Poverty, highlighting our ambition to scale, and reminds us that we can only achieve our ambitious ministry by developing strong alliances. The focus on 'Impact' underlines our unique role to measure our performance always by the changes we enable in the lives of children, their families, and the communities in which they live.

VisionFund client with her daughter in front of their business

Phase III: Keeping Our Promise (FY28-FY30) 

Keeping Our Promise aligns us to World Vision ​even further as we come together to achieve our strategic ambition for children and families, while also beginning to plan for our next strategic vision as one Partnership. 

A World Vision sponsored children in Myanmar with is parents.

Phase I: Paths from Poverty