Group of farmers in Kenya

Loan Products

Providing microcredit to vulnerable households is the largest activity VisionFund undertakes. Providing financial options such as small loans - some worth just US $20 - can be the change a family needs to break free from the poverty cycle.

Trinidad and family in their flower farm in Guatemala
Group of farmers in Kenya
Trinidad and family in their flower farm in Guatemala

US $800M

worth of loans disbursed


number of loans disbursed

US $545

average size of first loan with VisionFund

The Power of Microcredit

Microfinance describes a range of small-scale financial services – including microcredit, microinsurance, and microsavings – that help the world’s poorest people become financially sustainable. These products are at the core of VisionFund’s work.  

Microcredit is one of the most effective ways VisionFund empowers families to break the cycle of poverty. By providing a small loan with a competitive interest rate, we can assist our clients with financial options to begin or expand a small business to generate an income. This income can then provide for household needs, such as school fees, medical expenses, and nutritious food. Our clients can then pay back the loan over time. Many of VisionFund’s clients go on to take larger loans as their businesses expand. This increases their profits and helps them to build new and better lives for their families. As of 2019, VisionFund has a $426m loan portfolio serving 28 countries, and over one million active borrowers.  

We provide many types of loan, ensuring that the right product is available to best serve our clients’ needs – and to empower them on the path out of poverty.

Field that is flooded in Asia

Agrifinance and Crop and Livestock Insurance

Our innovative combined credit and insurance product helps farmers prepare for risks to their livelihoods, while remaining protected if emergency strikes. Insurance improves farmer resilience, and helps to provide for household needs no matter what the weather.

House being flooded by rains in Kenya

Recovery Lending

VisionFund is helping communities recover when disaster strikes. We're restructuring old loans, creating new business plans, and injecting new loans into the market. 

Women in Kenya holding solar panel

Personal Loan Pilot Projects

VisionFund is currently undertaking three microloan pilots. The pilots allow households to access clean water, pay for children’s education, and to provide solar power to families and businesses.

Savings Group of women in India

Savings Group Loans

By supplying savings groups with loans of their own, VisionFund is enabling savings group members to grow their businesses in new ways. 

Small and growing business that makes leather goods

Small and Growing Business Loans

Small and medium enterprises are often left behind when it comes to accessing finance. They are often considered too large for a microloan, but too small to access formal banking services. VisionFund is piloting an innovative new program to ensure that this ‘missing middle’ is served by the right loan products.