Loan Leads to Respect in His Village

Manzirou Mali

Manzirou is a client of Falo RMCR, Mali; a 54 year old husband and father of five children, two of whom are in school. He is a member of the group Sigite Mason Kala. He’s involved in sheep farming. He is in his ninth loan cycle with an amount of three hundred thousand (300,000 FCFA).

Before knowing the RMCR, he did his breeding activity in difficult conditions because his financial resources were very limited. Having heard about the RMCR with members of his group, he was able to benefit from a first loan to develop his business, which allowed him to improve the living conditions of his family.

Impact of the loan: Today, it is financially autonomous thanks to the RMCR loan and we note a positive change in the evolution of its activity. He manages to pay for health expenses, clothing, school fees and food security for his family. The sheep on the picture were bought with the last loan for the smooth running of its activity. For Manzirou the partnership with the RMCR is very advantageous because he became financially independent, he has a say in the decisions of his village and is a man respected because of his activity.