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Our commitment to being accountable is rooted in our core values: we are Christian, committed to the poor, stewards, partners, responsive and value people. We recognise that we need to earn the trust of all our stakeholders, being good stewards of donor resources, mutually accountable to our partners and, most importantly, responsive to the voices of vulnerable children and communities. 

Whenever an organisation is required to manage large numbers of cash transactions, minimising fraud is of a critical value. VisionFund takes the operational risk of fraud very seriously and is continuously working to minimise fraud at all levels.

VisionFund manages the risk of fraud, through standardised operational controls, structures of governance within the Microfinance institutions (MFIs), and Regional oversight. All MFIs are also subject to both internal and external audit. World Vision discloses fraud losses incurred in VisionFund network operations during the year in their Accountability Report.

VisionFund continues to innovate. Cashless banking and Internet-connected real time loan processing have been introduced in some markets, increasing efficiency and further reducing the risk of fraud. When fraud is detected, VisionFund acts swiftly in accordance with its zero tolerance policy.

VisonFund/World Vision International Global Accountability Report 2022

Learn about our commitment to accountability and how it impacts our work.

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Safeguarding Adults, including Clients and Children

Protecting vulnerable adults, including clients, children and our own staff is foundational to VisionFund. Central to everything we do is our commitment to Do No Harm.

As World Vision’s microfinance provider, VisionFund has zero tolerance of incidents of violence or abuse against adults, including clients and children in the communities where we serve, either committed by our staff or other affiliates connected to our operations.

VisionFund Safeguarding Awareness

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Have you witnessed an incident that put a client or child at risk? Do you have a concern about a VisionFund staff members’ behavior? Any other safeguarding concern?

We encourage anyone who has concerns, either about conduct of VisionFund employees or of any abuse of clients in VisionFund’s operations to use our Integrity and Protection (Whistleblower) Hotline.

Report online http://worldvision.ethicspoint.com or call collect +1-503-726-3990, or call the country-specific numbers provided on the website. Incident reports can also be made to safeguarding@wvi.org.