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The Micro-Institution Income Growth (RMCR) Network - VisionFund Mali is a Microfinance Institution initiated by World Vision Mali and the Malian Association of Women of Protestant Churches - AMAFEP. The network launched its activities on May 13, 2000 with two funds: the Caisses de Croissance de Revenus (CCR) of Nonsombougou and Yangasso. The role of the RMCR (VisionFund Mali) is to improve the lives of children by offering small loans and other financial services to families experiencing poverty and thus contribute to the fight against poverty by raising the income of beneficiary households above the poverty line.

The RMCR's (VisionFund Mali) mission is to provide financial (credit and savings) and non-financial services to poor rural producers and to enable these vulnerable populations to build successful businesses to enable their children to grow up with improved health and education and good nutrition. The clients targeted by the RMCR (VisionFund Mali) are those excluded from the traditional banking system and therefore without access to credit. In this respect, the RMCR (VisionFund Mali) gives them the opportunity to have easier access to micro-credit services and training to support their activities. 70% of the beneficiaries must be women who struggle to acquire means of survival through very modest economic activities and are structured in solidarity groups (GS between 5 and 9 members upon enrollment) and community banks (CCO between 10 and 35 members).

As an Association and based in Bamako, the network consists of 25 branches (called Caisses de Croissance de revenus - CCR) and four service points, all located in rural areas, and cover 13 Centres located in the administrative regions of Ségou, Sikasso, Mopti, Koulikoro and Kayes. As at June 30, 2019, the institution held gross loans outstanding of $10,748,861 for 28,733 active borrowers and 201,430 children affected.

The RMCR (VisionFund Mali) is supported by World Vision Mali through the sponsorship funds of multi-sector area programs (AP), World Vision Support Offices and VisionFund International (VFI). The institution has also signed an agreement with the Government of the Republic of Mali by means of the Project for Vocational Training, Integration and Support for Rural Youth Entrepreneurship (FIER) and today has the trust of the following financial backers: Grameen Credit Agricole, Tripple jump, Kiva, FIER, Babyloan.